tisdag 25 december 2012

a very very merry christmas

a very very merry Christmas!

christ-mas: because Jesus was born, to live on earth for 30 yrs. Be child with all its childish thoughts and actions, dreams and expectations, with all its games and cries over a busted knee. To experience Christmas and the true love of family. Biological or chosen. To grow up and be a teenager, to face his fears and to fall in love for the first time, to be betrayed and forgive. To find his own path in life, to start making his own choices and grow up to man, loving God and in his thirties starting to preach the gospel of salvation and died for you, to make you a part of the biggest family on earth and in heaven, so  that you could experience true love and  real freedom. Liberating freedom. Which is what all teenager look for. That and love. right?

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