lördag 25 augusti 2012


Vi fick en skrivuppgift i skolan (Katedralskolan) att skriva en liten text om en sång vi antingen älskar eller hatar, som den kärleksfulla personen jag (hoppas jag) så valde jag en sång jag älskar. Som heter Home, by Phil Wickham.

"The song ”Home” is about the love one has for God, how you long to see him and feel his unconditional love. The love that never seize to exist, his eternal love. ”Home” is like a cry forhelp, a reunion and a lovestory. But not an ordinary lovestory, not the usual ”boy meets girl” saga.  More in the spirit of father-son love.  This song is very special too me, whenever I’m facing hard tim in life I listen to this song, because it’s filled with God’s peace and love. I remeber this one time it 8th grade, when my parentshad one of their bigger fights, and I was really stressed out about their relationship, my family’s situation and a very important social studies essy I had to write. So I went to my room started to write on my essay and played this song. And as the first notes sounded I felt a peace wash over my heart and soul, physically. Suddenly I wasn’t stressed nor scared, I just knew that whatever happened God would stand by my side, I would never be completely alone, and therefore I didn’t have to be afraid.  And ever since, whenever I play this song, I feel peaceful, and all my problems seems to dissapear. Or atleast they shrink, and feel manageable instead of deathly."

Home - Phil Wickham

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